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Who We Are ?

Godavari Technical Services was established in February 2000 with a motto of "To satisfy customers by providing excellent NDT services along with safety & Quality". GTS is one of the best in leading organisations in the field of NDT. GTS has established and maintained excellent reputation in India as well as Abroad. We assure the Quality of Products, Produced / Manufactured by our customer.
GTS is providing services in different segments of Engineering Industry as per the National & International Quality Standards, and the procedures approved by the end user for our customers

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Radiographic Testing

We Are Providing Wide Range Of Industrial Radiography Services. We Have Extensive Range Of Equipment Of Low And High Energy To Maintain Quality Requirement Of Our Esteemed Customer.

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Ultrasonic Testing

We Provide Ultrasonic Testing For Various Indstrial Products To Detect Internal Flaws in Raw Products, Casting, Welding, Forgings And All In Service Products Like Pipe Line, Boiler Tubes,Pressure Vessel And Tanks.

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Magnetic Particle Testing

In Magnetic Particle Testing We Have Electro Magnetic Yokes To Detect Surface And Sub Surface Flaws In Ferromagnetic Material For Industrial Sector Of Casting, Welding, Forgings And In Service Products.

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Liquid Penetrant Testing

For Detection Of Surface Flaws In All Non Porous Material we Provide Solvent Removable Visible And Flourescent Penetrant Testing.

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RLA Testing of Boilers

Assessing the condition and remaining life of Plant components operating at high temperatures and at high stresses is necessary to optimize inspection and maintenance schedules, to make RUN, REPAIR, REPLACE decisions and to avoid unplanned outages.

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Distribution of Radiography Equipment

For over 30 years, GammaMat has been internationally trusted and recognised as a pioneer in the development of gamma radiography equipment.

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