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Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant PT services are most often used to detect cracks and voids open to the surface of nonporous metallic materials. The sensitivity rating of penetrants allow them to be used on casting and machined surfaces by using lower sensitivity level 1/2 on castings and level III on machined surfaces. Specially formulated liquid penetrant chemicals may be used for high temp applications for the inspection of tubes and Hot in service pressurized pipe. Liquid Penetrant may be performed before and after Hot taps. Liquid penetrant is often called a Magnaflux check. Magnaflux is a name brand known for specializing in liquid penetrant and magnetic particle which could lead to a misunderstanding of the inspection actually required. Other common names are FPI, Red dye, fluorescent check, black light check or what is that that check they do under a black tarp with black lights. Basic things to consider when performing liquid penetrant are.

  • Aerospace industries
  • Military defence
  • Offshore industries
  • Marine industries
  • Power-gen industries
  • Petrochem industries

For Detection Of Surface Flaws In All Non Porous Material we Provide Solvent Removable Visible And Flourescent Penetrant Testing. Applicable area as casting,welding,forgings and all in service products like pipe line, boiler tubes, pressurevessel and tanks.