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About Us

Godavari Technical Services was established in February 2000 with a motto of "To satisfy customers by providing excellent NDT services along with safety & Quality". GTS is one of the best in leading organisations in the field of NDT. GTS has established and maintained excellent reputation in India as well as Abroad. We assure the Quality of Products, Produced / Manufactured by our customer Distributors for NTP Europe Products.

GTS is providing services in different segments of Engineering Industry as per the National & International Quality Standards, and the procedures approved by the end user for our customers

  • EN/ISO Codes
  • Australian Standards
  • DIN Standards
  • API Standards
  • JIS Standards
  • Indian Standards

GTS has proven track records of Quality & efficient services, which has strengthened its position among customers of different segment of Industry all over India. We believe in lifetime relationship with our customers & suppliers to achieve our goal.


Quality became a culture of GTS which is religiously followed while inspecting the products in the industry. GTS has also formulated a quality management plan to meet the changing needs & products requirements of all the industry through.


  • Constant interaction and feedback from with customers.
  • Continuity in research & development.
  • Using novel and upgraded equipments.
  • Value addition in customer services.
  • Periodic training and certification of employees, technicians and related staff of our customers.